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The Observatory concludes that Ibarretxe (Basque Nationalist Party) is the worst treated candidate in the Press

Researchers in the University of Basque Country (UPV/EHU) have studied the main Basque and Spanish newspapers to observe the campaign, and they have found three main findings. The Basque Nationalist Party’s candidate, Juan José Ibarretxe, is the worst treated in the press. The researchers have studied 7 newspapers and, in three of them, have received … Continue reading

The Basque Nationalist Party win the elections in Euskadi

The Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) has won the Elections in Euskadi again, with 30 parliamentarians (the Basque Parliament has got 75 sites), but the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE, centre-left wing) and the Popular Party (PP, right wing and Spanish nationalist) will unite their parliamentarians to hold the Government. Before the elections, the Spanish justice has … Continue reading

The new Observatory about the Basque Elections will be presented in the encounter in Bilbao

The coordinators of the second encounter on Media & Nationalism are working in developing an Observatory to analyze how Basque and Spanish newspapers show the three main candidates and their attitude towards them and their proposals. This Observatory can be followed in the blog Elecciones Vascas 2009 (in Spanish language), and the main difference with others … Continue reading

The University of the Basque Country will hold the encounter

  The coordinators of the second encounter on Media & Nationalism have implicated the University of the Basque Country and now are looking for the best place to organize the seasons. Bilbao city centre is the first option, but several options are been studied. Related to this event, the researchers in Bilbao are creating an … Continue reading

From Vic to Bilbao

The coordinators of the first Summer School in Media & Nationalism in Vic are preparing now the second edition which will be held in Bilbao (Euskadi) in 2009. Nowadays, they are working to define the subject of the encounter and the most suitable dates to join together again. Vic’s participants and assistants will be welcomed, … Continue reading