The Observatory concludes that Ibarretxe (Basque Nationalist Party) is the worst treated candidate in the Press

Juan José Ibarretxe

Researchers in the University of Basque Country (UPV/EHU) have studied the main Basque and Spanish newspapers to observe the campaign, and they have found three main findings.

The Basque Nationalist Party’s candidate, Juan José Ibarretxe, is the worst treated in the press. The researchers have studied 7 newspapers and, in three of them, have received the worst space, the worst discourse and the worst photographical image. In other three his treatment isn’t better than the others (Patxi López in the Spanish Socialist Party and Antonio Basagoiti in the Popular Party) and, finally, only in one of them has received the better image, discourse and space.

If a newspaper gives a good treatment to Patxi López, Antonio Basagoiti too receives a good treatment. And if the better treated is Basagoiti, López too receives this good treatment. In both cases Ibarretxe has received the worst treatment.

The Spanish and Basque main newspapers elaborate the discourse of the candidates. And they can offer any examples: El País, the main paper in Spain, contextualizes the news about Lopez’s economical policies with the Basque Government bad results in this area (but the Basque situation about the crisis is much better than the Spanish one).

This Observatory will offer its final conclusions and methodology in the Media & Nationalism encounter that will be held in Bilbao by next September or October. These researchers have used the new tools in Internet to offer the analyse everyday in a blog. This is the first experiment and has been successful with 20.000 visits in one month.

All the information about this issue will be explained too in the next encounter.


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